SanykoThe company was established in 1990 when it started its business operation with two employees.

Business activities with which Sanyko started its business operations were representation and distribution of Davis&Geck medical products and pharmaceuticals of the company Lederle.

From year to year, Sanyko has been extending with regard to the number of employees as well as in respect of the range of the programs that we have been representing for the territory of the Republic of Croatia. Due to the globalization trends in the world's economy, the companies we represented, and which we continue to represent, have over the years expanded their product lines through acquisitions of other companies and have become a part of large multinational companies, and consequently have changed their names in the process. 

Thus, the brands we represented (Davis&Geck, USS, Sherwood, Mallinckrodt, Valleylab, Kendall and Vnus) firstly became a part of the company Tyco Healthcare, i.e. a part of Covidien since 2010. Following further acquisitions on a global scale, in 2016 Medtronic, a world's leading company in the field of medical devices and products, bought Covidien, and in 2017 Cardinal Health, another world-renowned medical device manufacturer, bought Covidien medical supplies program from Medtronic. In 2015 we started cooperation with Kanghui, a company that specializes in osteosynthetic materials, and which was also bought by Medtronic in 2016. Regardless of the mentioned acquisitions, Sanyko still remains the representative for the product lines of aforementioned manufacturers.

Hereby we would also like to mention that ever since 2011. we have been distributing V.A.C. Negative Pressure Wound Therapy products of KCI, USA company, which has recently become a part of the 3M corporation.

SanykoFollowing trends and market developments, in 2013 we extended our business to the field of cosmetic surgery by starting to represent the renowned German manufacturer Polytech Health & Aesthetics with their breast implants program, and from 2015 we are representing the American company Merit Medical, a manufacturer of medical products and devices for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in interventional cardiology as well as for procedures in interventional radiology and oncology.

Other manufacturers which we are representing include Teleflex (ligation clips program), S&T, a Swiss manufacturer of micro-surgical instruments, and the American company Thompson Surgical with the program of retractors for surgical procedures.  Following and thus supporting the needs of our customers, we introduced into Croatian market several manufacturers specializing in specific areas of healthcare, such as: Cooper Surgical, Lipoelastic (postoperative compression garments and bras as a supplement to the cosmetic surgery program), Trulife (silicone pads for operating rooms), Adeor, Endoteq (NeoV laser and accessories), Nouvag and a newest addition, Bonalive for bioactive glass products as a supplement to the osteosynthetic material program.

SanykoIn addition to the listed manufacturers, we always proudly mention our cooperation with companies Mathys, Waldemar Link and Synthes which we have represented on the Croatian market. 

As you, our valuable business partners, will be able to see for yourself by further browsing our website, we can offer a wide range of products of the world's most reputable manufacturers in the field of medical equipment, devices and accessories. 

As a consequence of above mentioned merging of our principals' business activities and the simultaneous expanding of their programs, both in the range of products and in the creating of new technological solutions in the field of medicine, Sanyko grew to the today's number of 21 employees and the number of 11.000 various products in its sales range, out of which approximately 3.000 are permanently present in our warehouse and available for prompt delivery. 

What makes us most satisfied and most proud is the fact that in these 30 years we have been and still are introducing the most modern methods in the field of patient care and their treatment, as well as latest technical achievements both in the field of medical equipment and medical consumables. The introduction of new methods and technologies can only be of high quality if there is also a possibility of providing trainings for the users, i.e. doctors, nurses and medical personnel which will be using these new materials. In this sense, and through courses, symposiums and workshops organized by our principals and their training centres, we have enabled trainings for a large number of Croatian doctors and other medical personnel.


SanykoThe mission of our company through all these years has been to develop the best possible business organization so that we could meet the needs of our customers with high quality of service and utmost efficiency while at the same time enabling them to implement the latest technologies in their daily work in order to provide the best possible care for the patients. 
Our vision has always been to create and promote new ideas by introducing new technologies to the market of medical devices and products, to develop new projects, as well as having professional and educated employees and satisfied customers.

Therefore, our sales representatives attend courses, trainings and recertification programs organized by our principals in order to get in depth knowledge of the products they are presenting to customers whether they are products already present on the market or completely new technologies. 


SanykoFor both marketing activities and care about clients, 9 sales representative are in charge and they are divided into groups according to the products they are responsible for. 

Invoicing and accounting department, the public procurement department and the regulatory affairs and quality management department consist of 9 employees.

Your phone calls will be answered by our business assistant who at the same time works on many other tasks in the business organization.

Logistics and managing of warehouse activities are carried out by 3 employees.



SanykoThe basic values on which we insisted from the very beginning of our business activities are ethical conduct from the very first to the last step of our activities as well as highest level of professionalism and responsibility at work and in the relationship with our business partners, as well as mutual regard and respect between the employees. 

We believe that our work and behaviour has made Sanyko recognizable as a company that cultivates the aforementioned values and we pledge to continue to justify your confidence in the future.